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CEIA as the World's Leader in Metal Detection Technology believes that all security metal detection products that we manufacture meet these requirements. CEIA is the only metal detector manufacturer to provide all of these attributes on all Security Metal Detection Products.

Industrial Metal Detection Systems

CEIA THS Metal Detectors detect metal contaminants accidentally present on industrial products, with levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds designed to satisfy the strictest Quality Control requirements.


Security metal detection

CEIA is the world's leading manufacturer of Security Metal Detectors.

With our advanced technology and more than 35 years of experience, we manufacture Security Metal Detectors that are able to detect weapons or items for prevention purposes. All CEIA Security Metal Detectors provide the best immunity to environmental interference in the industry and to discriminate personal metal effects, thus achieving the highest flow rate in screening operations.

Today CEIA is the number one choice of Private Companies and Governmental Institutions for the protection of their most strategic and sensitive access points.

Among our wide range of products you will find a Metal Detector that meets your specific needs.


Military and Humanitarian bomb search detectors

Thanks to many years of in-depth research in the field of Metal Detection for bomb searches, CEIA has established itself as a primary international manufacturer of high-performance Ground Search Metal Detectors.

CEIA’s approach to the development of its Detectors has been to employ the most advanced electronic and mechanical technologies to become available: Surface Mount Technology (SMT), microprocessor control, Digital Signal Analysis, software upgrade capability and the use of High-Quality materials for the search probes and for the other mechanical parts.

Tests carried out under controlled conditions by Authoritative International Bodies demonstrate that the MIL-D1 provides overall superior performance in the areas of detection distance, soil compensation capability and immunity to external interference.

The CEIA devices, built in accordance with ISO-9001 standards, meet the strictest performance requirements for metal detection in soil.

Thanks to the extensive use of robotic and automated production systems, CEIA is able to offer to the commercial market equipment that satisfies military quality and reliability standards at extremely competitive prices.


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